The Emotional Value of Great [Dog] Photography

It was a mild summer night in July of 1993. I was strolling along the banks of the river Rhein close to downtown Cologne, Germany. The city lights were reflecting on the river, creating some bizarre shapes and reflections. As I was getting closer to the large railroad bridge that is feeding into the heart of Cologne, I could finally see what I would describe as one of the most beautiful settings in Germany. A larger-than-life cathedral that is reaching far beyond any other building in downtown Cologne. It took over 600 years to build the cathedral and it is hard to comprehend how those who embarked on building this magnificent construction were able to create something so massive when they started in 1248 AD.

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Michael Puck
Wild dogs are better for taking pictures

It was raining cats and dogs and this had been going on for days. It was raining so hard that my 4 dogs didn’t waste a single thought on going outside to do their morning business. 

This always concerns me, because the plush carpet in my walk-in-closet might feel grass-like, but really isn’t a great alternative. Past experiences have taught me that it is wise to keep the door to my closet closed on rainy mornings.  

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