Caught in the Act


Earlier morning I was biking with my son Kayden in a nearby park. About 10 minutes into our ride he signaled me to slow down and pointed to something in the middle of the trail in front of us. Once we got closer, we saw two motionless turtles on top of each other. The turtle on the bottom had already retrieved into the shell, but the one on top starred at us daringly and was not even impressed when I pulled out my camera to take a closeup picture. While I was on my hands and knees to get as close to the turtles as possible a humongous Wolf Spider used my camera bag as a temporary resting place. Before we jumped back on our bikes, we gently moved the turtles a couple of yards to the left, so that other bikers would not hit them. We carefully inspected all of our belongings, especially the helmets before we continued our ride through some beautiful but very muddy scenery.


Our biking buddy Zack needed to take a little break on one of the fallen trees to catch his breath. He loves to go biking with us as long as it isn’t too hot.

Michael Puck