BUTTSHOTS!! Yes, they happen. Some dogs (about 10%) are natural posers and others (the other 90%) turn their back to the photographer any chance they get. To avoid dogs turning away when you are trying to take a picture, keep your distance. This is in particular important with timid dogs or when you have your dog in a new environment. Also, make sure that you give your dog plenty of play breaks when you take pictures since dogs have very short attention spans (similar to teenagers).

Chasing after your dog and hollering their name for 10 min to get the perfect shot typically doesn't lead to the desired outcome. Lastly, take a lot of pictures and sort through them after you are done to see which one turned out best. Keep in mind that the background, the direction of the light and the composition also need to be considered while you are trying to coax your furry baby into the perfect pose. By taking a lot of pictures, you increase your chances of getting that perfect shot.

I easily take 350 - 450 pictures during a 45 min photo session while keeping it fun and entertaining for the dog and the owner. After the photo session, I immediately discard 75% of the pictures. From the remaining 25%, I select the top 25-30 pictures. So I guess you could say that less than 10% of my pictures meet my standards and the rest gets deleted. I hope this makes you feel better about your own attempts of taking the perfect picture of your furry children.

Michael Puck