Frequently Asked Questions  

What does a private on location photo session look like? 

A private photo session takes 30 minutes. We meet you with and your pet(s) at the agreed upon location of your choice (at your home, local park, etc.). On location we start by getting to know your animal(s) and giving the animal the opportunity getting to know us. This will put your pet(s) at ease and create a more relaxed environment for the photo session. During the photo session, we switch between taking pictures and playing with your pets and sometimes both happens at the same time.  The photo session will be a fun and exciting adventure for you and your dog.

What if my pet is not sitting still for the pictures?

Don’t worry, it is a rare exception that the pets we photograph are calm and cooperative.  k9photo has extensive experience in working with a wide range of animals breeds and behaviors. We interact with the animals in a very gentle manner to learn and capture their unique personalities. Our experience and patience produces awesome pictures even with the most shy or rambunctious animals.  To see some of our customer’s pictures please go to

How much does a photo session cost?

A 30-min private photo session at a location of your choice (your home, a local park, etc.) including post-processing of the best dozen pictures and one 8x10 print of your choice is only $99. A full hour photo session is $198. Other photo products, including prints in any size, framed picture, canvas, etc. can be purchased separately. For example, a large 12x16 print is $45 and the matching frame is also $45. The same picture in 8x10 is $35 plus a frame for $35.

What is included in the cost of the photo session?

·       A 30-min private photo session at a location of your choice (your home, a local park, etc.) 

·       Post post-processing of the best 10 – 15 pictures (to enhance the color and lighting) 

·       One 8x10 print of your choice 

Other photo products, including prints in any size, framed picture, canvas, etc. can be purchased at additional costs.

Will I receive the electronic files of the pictures?

High-resolution files of the top 10 – 15 pictures are not included in the cost of the photo session but can be purchased for $45 each. The full set of electronic files is available for $299 in maximum resolution. Please note that the use of the purchased files is limited to personal use and excludes any form of commercial application.  

Can you include me/us in some/all of the pictures? 

We are always thrilled to include you, your children, or other individuals of your choice together with the animal in the pictures. All individuals shown in the pictures will have to sign a model release form.

Can you make me look younger in the pictures? 

Yes, we can remove wrinkles, whiten teeth, and even apply make-up during the post processing if you desire. Depending on the amount of work needed and the number of pictures, additional fees might apply, but we will communicate those in advance. 

Is a 501 C(3) charitable organization? 

Not yet. We are in the process of applying for a 501 C(3) status. For now, the money you are providing to k9photo is not tax deductible, but 100% of the proceeds are used to provide medical care to animals in local shelters and rescues.  

Can I hire for Prom pictures, weddings, etc.? 

Over the years k9photo has developed a unique skill set in working with animals and it is our desire to exclusively work in that area of photography. 

How can I help to raise more money to support animals in need? 

With 100% of the photo session fee going towards the help of animals in shelters and rescues, we rely on our satisfied customers to spread the word 

about k9photo. So, if you love animals and enjoy our work, please refer us to your friends and family. Donations to are being used to finance shelter and rescue photo sessions and can be made at enter the amount that you would like to donate

Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee for your pictures?

Yes, k9photo offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with any aspect of our work or the pictures we have captured of your pet, we will gladly offer you another session with the same animal(s) at no cost. 

What if my dog doesn’t like you?

This has never happened before with the hundreds of dogs and cats we have captured on “film”, but should your dog or cat to be very shy or territorial we have the necessary equipment to take close up pictures from the distance to make the experience for the animal as relaxing as possible.  

Is it true that k9photo donates 100% of the proceeds of their work? 

Yes, 100% of the funds generated through photo sessions fees is being used to help animals in local shelters or with local rescues to provide the needed food, care and medical attention. is also working with local shelters and rescues to create pictures of animals available for adoption to promote finding suitable homes quickly.    

Why do you require a deposit for the photo session and how much is it? 

We ask for a $50 deposit to hold the date and time of the photo session on our very busy calendar.  The deposit will be applied against the cost of the photo session if the photo session occurs as scheduled. Should a customer cancel the photo session less than 48 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment for reasons not related to inclement weather the deposit will be forfeited. 

Link for the photo session deposit:

What is the full range of services and product provided by k9photo

The number and variety of photo products that k9photo can offer is almost unlimited, but listed below are a few examples: Prints / Posters (any size), Framed Pictures, Post cards, T-shirts with prints, Calendars, Canvas, Photo Books, Photo Pillows, blankets, Mugs, Puzzles, e-pencil drawings and e-paintings –

What form of payment does k9photo accept? 

We accept cash and payments through PayPal in advance of the photo session. 

Customer Feedback  

“They turned out amazing. They are so awesome. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You so much. ”


“Oh my goodness!! I just cried they are so good!!” Angie W. Kingsport, TN”


“I love all of them:) really love the blurry backgrounds and the fall like color backgrounds but they all are amazing:):):) ”


“There is not a better photographer or guy out there!! What a great experience!! The proof is in the Pictures!! Thanks so much!! Jennifer A., Erwin, TN”


“Michael is a great photographer and is wonderful with animals. Always calm and accommodating with the pets and their surroundings. Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures.”


“OOOMMMGG THEY ARE AMAZING!!! They made me cry”


“Oh wow. I love these!!! Such sweet moments you captured! Tate loves our puppies and would do anything for them! He loves all of the pictures!! Thank you so much for patience and time!!! I know it is not easy but you stay so calm and make it seem effortless!”


“Could not be happier with the results of my amazing photo shoot with 100% of the proceeds go to the local animal shelter and the pictures are incredible! Thank You.”  


“Michael was extremely accommodating to our needs and scheduled us very quickly. He went above and beyond to get amazing pictures of our pup - we were stunned at the quality! Not to mention the best part: all of the proceeds go to helping animals in need! We will definitely be using him again in the future”. 


“Michael Puck’s love for both animals and photography shines through in everything he does, as you can see from the gorgeous photos he took of my boys, Alfie and Sam. He was so very patient with my babies, and I am and will be highly recommending him to all my friends that love their furbabies as much as I love mine. Job well done!”


“I laughed and cried....needless to say, I love them and am just thrilled!”


“What a gift you give to these animals and the Blountville Shelter. Any of your pictures could hang over the fireplace in the ‘gentlemen’s library’ in some mansion. The color, background, but most of all, the focus you get from the animals is so compelling and certainly puts them at their best angle. I would love to see these in the newspaper; I’ll bet adoptions would soar. Many search for their ‘gift’ without success. You have found yours and enrich us all with it. Thanks and do keep it going!!”


“Michael Puck is a renowned photographer who does so much more than take a picture. Michael was patient with our puppy and truly shows his passion for helping animals through his work. We were honored to be part of this experience. Thank you, Michael, for making a difference in the lives of shelter pets!” 


“This looks like the cover of a cute dog movie!!! Your work is so phenomenal!!! Can’t wait to have you take more of Sunny!”

— Nikki Smith, Kingsport, TN