3 Easy Steps to Commission your Art Work


STEP 1: Send a Picture

Click the orange EMAIL button below and send us a high-quality photo of your pet.

STEP 2: Get a Quote

Within 48 hours, we’ll send a quote for creating a unique e-painting on a gallery wrap canvas. The quote will list some of the most popular sizes and canvas framing options.

STEP 3: This is where the magic happens

Accept the quote and make your payment via Paypal. Once we receive payment confirmation, we’ll sharpen our e-brushes and create one-of-a-kind art work for your home. Please allow 3-4 weeks for the delivery.

Any of your pictures could hang over the fireplace in the ‘gentlemen’s library’ in some mansion. The color, background, but most of all, the focus you get from the animals is so compelling and certainly puts them at their best angle. I would love to see these in the newspaper; I’ll bet adoptions would soar. Many search for their ‘gift’ without success. You have found yours and enrich us all with it. Thanks and do keep it going!!