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Onsite Photo Sessions as Unique as Your Pet


Every k9photo session is designed to bring out the true nature of your pet. That’s why sessions happen onsite, in a location that reflects your pet’s unique personality, playfulness and spirit. Whether it’s a favorite park, a rustic space or favorite room, we’ll work with you to identify a place where your furry family member feels comfortable and at home—because that’s when the magic happens. 

I’m So excited about Sunny’s 6month pictures!! Michael Puck knocked it out of the park. We had a lot of fun at our photo shoot and would 10/10 recommend him for all your pet photography needs! Also Michael does a lot of work with the local Shelters taking pics of them to help get them adopted! how incredible!! Not to mention sunny loved hanging out with Michael and could tell he’s a dog person. We felt the love! And super professional!
— Nikki Smith, Kingsport TN

While every pet—and every shoot—is different, the end result is always the same: a variety of professional, high-quality images that accentuate your pet’s personality and the deep bond you share.

Wow! Just wow! I’ve had the pleasure of watching Michael work and he definitely has a way with the animals and an incredible talent of capturing their very souls.

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Wall Art - Perfectly Matched

Want to see how your pictures will look displayed on the walls of your home before you decide what to get?

Now you can! I am using the cutting edge technology in wall art design software to show you the final look right from the start. Investing in wall art shouldn’t be a guessing game. You want your wall art to match your space and the feeling and style of your home.

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Did You Know?

Wall Art Design Consultations are included in the price of the On-Location Private Photo Session. Also included is a $200 Wall Art Credit, so that you can get a spectacular memory that will make you smile every single day. Schedule your photo session today and don’t forget to review The Dog Lover’s Guide to Wall Art & More. Included you will also find the Selection and Price Guide.