OOOMMMGG THEY ARE AMAZING!!! They made me cry ☺️🙄.... Wow it will take some time to pick through those I love so many of them we will need so many of them
— Eva Brandenburg, Bristol, TN
They turned out amazing. They are so awesome. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You so much.
— Mindi Wheelock, Kingsport, TN
Oh my goodness!! I just cried they are so good!!” Angie W. Kingsport, TN
— Angie W. Kingsport, TN
I love all of them:) really love the blurry backgrounds and the fall like color backgrounds but they all are amazing:):):)
— Christina C., Gray, TN
There is not a better photographer or guy out there!! What a great experience!! The proof is in the Pictures!! Thanks so much!! Jennifer A., Erwin, TN
— Jennifer A., Erwin, TN
Michael is a great photographer and is wonderful with animals. Always calm and accommodating with the pets and their surroundings. Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures.
— -Kelly & Tonia E., Kingsport, TN
Oh wow. I love these!!! Such sweet moments you captured! Tate loves our puppies and would do anything for them! He loves all of the pictures!! Thank you so much for patience and time!!! I know it is not easy but you stay so calm and make it seem effortless!
— Dawn R., Bristol VA
“Could not be happier with the results of my amazing photo shoot with 100% of the proceeds go to the local animal shelter and the pictures are incredible! Thank You.”
— Eva Brandenburg, Bristol, TN
“Michael was extremely accommodating to our needs and scheduled us very quickly. He went above and beyond to get amazing pictures of our pup - we were stunned at the quality! Not to mention the best part: all of the proceeds go to helping animals in need! We will definitely be using him again in the future”.
— Chase H., Kingsport, TN
“Michael Puck’s love for both animals and photography shines through in everything he does, as you can see from the gorgeous photos he took of my boys, Alfie and Sam. He was so very patient with my babies, and I am and will be highly recommending him to all my friends that love their furbabies as much as I love mine. Job well done!”
— Jo (Elizabeth) S., Kingsport, TN
“Oh my goodness!! I love these pictures!! They are amazing!! I definitely want a photo book and a calendar!! I am blown away by these pictures.
— Angie W., Kingsport, TN
I laughed and cried....needless to say, I love them and am just thrilled!
— Lindsay Campbell, Pleasant Hill Pet Rescue and Senior Sanctuary, Blountville, TN
Michael managed to capture Pip’s personality in his photos. He was honest, on time and reasonable. What’s more, he really cares about animals. What a great idea to donate the money to animals shelters and volunteer his time. I thank him very much for the memory he created with his pictures
— Gail Gallemore M.D., Johnson City, TN
What a gift you give to these animals and the Blountville Shelter. Any of your pictures could hang over the fireplace in the ‘gentlemen’s library’ in some mansion. The color, background, but most of all, the focus you get from the animals is so compelling and certainly puts them at their best angle. I would love to see these in the newspaper; I’ll bet adoptions would soar. Many search for their ‘gift’ without success. You have found yours and enrich us all with it. Thanks and do keep it going!!
— Gayle Stevens, TN
The AMAZING Michael Puck has done it again! These are so beautiful THANKYOU! This is my second incredible shoot with Michael and I couldn’t be more excited to book my third for the cats. And folks 100% OF PROCEEDS GOES DIRECTLY TO HELP SHELTER PETS MEDICAL NEEDS. You are amazing! thank you for all you do for these animals!
— Eva Brandenburg, Bristol, TN
“Michael Puck is a renowned photographer who does so much more than take a picture. Michael was patient with our puppy and truly shows his passion for helping animals through his work. We were honored to be part of this experience. Thank you, Michael, for making a difference in the lives of shelter pets!”
— Jurnee Carr, Founder & President, Jurnee's Journey Foundation
Such a beautiful picture of my Skoodaloo! Michael Puck, you are amazing!
— Sharon Myers, Blountville, TN
Wow! Just wow! I’ve had the pleasure of watching Michael work and he definitely has a way with the animals and an incredible talent of capturing their very souls.
— Marcine, M. Eastridge, TriCities, TN
I love the pictures!!!! I really cannot express how much I love this picture. I will always treasure it. Thanks again!!!
— Stacey, Deshkulkarni, Johnson City, TN
Trust me.... Michael is a miracle worker! My cat was having no part of picture taking even hiding behind a TV wall unit for half the session! The one continuous thing people ask me when looking at Yodi’s pictures is how did we get him to pose! Michael is definitely dedicated to getting the perfect pictures!
— Donna F. Sensabaugh, Church Hill, TN
I love the pictures they are phenomenal. So many great ones to choose from. I’d love to do a photo book and some prints.
— Eva Brandenburg, Bristol, TN
I’m speechless!!!!! I LOVE THE PICS!!!!
— Niki W. Bristol, TN