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Our Mission: One Million Dogs by 2030

K9Photo is a public charity and 501C(3). Our mission is to artistically capture one million dogs' unique personalities by 2030 and showcase the benefits of the human-animal bond to prevent suffering and protect animal lives. 


K9Photo is partnering with the best pet photographers in the world that love animals and have an unwavering passion to help. Every single picture contributes by raising funds or telling a story that reaches into the hearts and minds of those mesmerized by the beauty of our furry companions. Check out our Global Dog Art Gallery: 

Every dog has a unique story to tell, but what they have all in common is their desire to share their precious lives with us. ​If you like to learn more about the One Million Dog Movement or want to find out how you can get involved - send me a note.

Kindly, Michael (



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