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Every moment with your pet is so fleeting, yet so precious.

— Michael Puck


I know what it feels like to be soulfully connected to one’s pet while having the nagging awareness that their clock of life is ticking so much faster.  


You’ve likely wondered if there is a way to capture your pet’s true personality through photography. If you are like most proud pet parents, your phone is full of snapshots of your four-legged companion. What you are missing are quality photographs that have the power to preserve the most beautiful memories of your pet and make their presence a permanent part of your life. 


I get it, and that is the reason I started 


I love and adore my dogs and cannot imagine life without them. Over the last five years, I have helped hundreds of pet owner just like you overcome their lack of time, experience, skills, high-end camera and patience to capture one of a kind photographs of their furry children.


My love of animals started a long time ago. After I had physically recovered from a tragic accident at the age of four, I spent hours every day with my family’s Black Lab. Even though she was not a certified therapy dog, she taught me how to connect with her emotionally and thus created a safe space in my life. The two of us spent an incredible 14 years together. In hindsight, she taught me how to speak “Dog,” which is one of the key reasons why I connect effortlessly with pets and can capture their real personality.


I am committed to helping you with creating photographic memories of your dog that will make you feel a strong emotional connection every time you glance at the picture. Don’t be distracted by the busyness of daily life and fail to capture precious moments and milestone with your pet until it is too late.  


The process is simple:  

1) Book your photo session to reserve a date.  

2) I coax and encourage your pet’s personality to come out and play during the photo session.

3) Choose from a selection of photos and wall art designs. 


I believe that you deserve photos of your dog that capture the true personality and keep their presence alive in your life. I will help you with a custom on-location photo session that you and your dog will enjoy so that you can choose which photos and wall arrangement you want. 


Book your session now, so that we can get started.  

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